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Welcome to 'A Country Dog'!    

I hope you enjoy sharing my love of dogs through my images, blog and shop.

  I am a Getty Images Photographer, an Associate Member of the Australian Photographic Society and a multi-award winning photographer, having won over 100 International acceptances, awards and medals.  I have been fortunate to have my work in both Galleries and in publications including the Australian Photography Magazine. My passion for dogs and photography has led me to share my love of all these things through my art.  

German Shepherd in a Field 8 months (3).jpg

My Mission

Holding Diplomas in both Dog Behaviour and Photography, I look forward to not only sharing beautiful images with you but also sharing informative posts about the beloved dogs in our lives and how we can better understand them.      

German Shepherd Puppy 8 weeks_1.jpg


My blogs will have inspirational and entertaining content and cover a myriad of topics from making your own training treats through to setting up Scent Detection Training for fun at home.  Dogs bring us so much happiness and there is so much to love about them. If I can inspire or help one dog owner, then my blog has value.  I hope you come on this shared  journey with me! 

German Shepherd Puppy 8 weeks_1.jpg
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