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Let's Be Social!

What is the importance of continued socialisation into adulthood?

Play Date Anyone?

Socialisation is a continual process for a dog and should continue throughout the dog's life. There will

always be a new situation, sight, sound, smell and this keeps a dog interested and happy. Like people, a dog needs social interaction. It helps them stay in the loop meeting new dogs, people and situations. Try socialising your dog through different activities like doggie daycare, the local park, a play date with their friends or join a local obedience dog club. Have a look at your local clubs, you may find most of them run on a week night or weekend.

Oh Behave!

It is definitely worth putting the work in to socialise your dog. As a puppy our German Shepherd was taken with us at every opportunity to dog friendly cafes, restaurants, shops and even on holiday. Luther is now comfortable in any situation and is a pleasure to take out. It was a lot of work and planning but we can now trust him in most situations to be a good boy!

"Social learning is continuous and important throughout the life cycle. Whether through planned,

deliberate training sessions or more passive associations, the behaviour of the dog is largely related to

their experiences." Serpell J. The Domestic Dog.

Good Dog!

Keep your dog socialised and you may avoid negative traits developing that they did not display earlier in life. Well socialised dogs make for good family members and model canines!

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