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The Zippy Paws NomNomz Squeaker Dog Toy in the shape of an ice cream cone is the perfect addition to any pup's toy collection. The squeaky toy provides mental stimulation for your furry friend, as the squeak keeps them engaged which is essential for cognitive development. This toy taps into their natural hunting instincts, giving them an outlet for their energy. The instant reward of the squeak provides motivation for your pup to keep playing for hours on end. Add some sweetness to your pup's playtime with the Zippy Paws NomNomz Squeaker Dog Toy - Ice Cream.


These quirky and fun food-shaped toys are stuffed with two round squeakers for double the fun and cushioned for comfortable and gentle play. Made from high-quality material, these foodie-inspired toy are made to last and give your pet more fun and activity during the day.


  • Squeaky plush dog toy shaped into popular food items

  • Packed with stuffing for extra cushion to provide comfort while playing

  • Loaded with 2 round squeakers for double the squeaky fun

  • Gentle on canine jaws and great for small to medium-sized puppies and dogs

  • Ideal for an entertaining indoor dog toy

NomNomz Design:
Ice Cream (Approx. 23cm x 10cm x 8cm)

Grab one of the ZippyPaws NomNomz for a special treat for your dog!

Zippy Paws NomNomz Squeaker Dog Toy - Ice Cream

SKU: SKU15CI1123
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