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Walkies! What Every Dog Owner Should Know.

Walking is a fundamental requirement for a happy and healthy dog. It is an important physical activity that is more than just exercise but also a psychological need. A dog that is not walked regularly will not only be unhappy but may also develop behavioural problems over time. Most unwanted behaviour a dog exhibits is through boredom and frustration due to pent up energy they are unable to release.

Although a dog may live in a large yard, walking is still a priority as the walk becomes not only exercise but a social outing. Dogs love to be with their humans and what better way to spend time together than going for a walk. They get to explore new smells, meet new dogs and people, exercise and gain confidence being out and about. Besides going on their regular walk or to their local park, try varying locations. Dogs are naturally curious and love exploring, new environments will stimulate their senses.

Dog owners may not realise that no matter how well your dog has been socialised, the effect can wear off. Over time the dog can grow wary of people and new objects or places if it leads a somewhat secluded life. Another reason to walk your dog regularly!

A dog that does not have this need met may show or develop destructive or anxious behaviour. Do you have a dog that chews everything, digs holes or is just 'naughty'? Regular walks may alleviate many of these behavioural problems.

How happy are our dogs when we reach for their lead! We all want our dogs to lead a fulfilled and contented life so lets make regular walks a priority for our beloved dogs.

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